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2185 N. Glenville Dr.
Richardson, TX 75082

PO Box 833879
Richardson, TX 75083-3879

(972) 699-2770
(972) 699-2788 fax

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
   7am - 11am CST
   Noon - 4:30pm CST
   7:30am - Noon CST
Holiday Schedule


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Directions to our Office

Central Security Life Insurance Company

Our office is located at 2185 North Glenville Drive. Online maps make it appear that it is at the corner of Greenville Avenue and North Glenville Drive. It is not. It is actually on Glenville about 1/3 of the way between Campbell and Greenville (closer to Campbell).

The map at the bottom of the page has the correct location.

From Central Expressway (I-75) -- Exit Campbell Road heading east. There are three stop lights: Lakeside, Greenville, and Glenville. Take the third one and turn left on Glenville Drive. After you turn left, there will be two consecutive left-hand turn lanes. Take the second one that is right before a crosswalk. The address on the street says 2121 North Glenville Drive. That is for the building that faces the street. Our building is right behind it - 2185 North Glenville Drive.

If you get lost, call our receptionist at 972-699-2700.

Office hours are located in the sidebar of this page.


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